Clara Fantoni is a British Italian abstract artist, her work is an exploration into spiritual abstract and mindful mark making, using colour, gesture and scale to create a visual manifestation of emotion whilst being present in every brush stroke.

Clara is interested in spontaneous and intuitive ways of painting as a means of expression, meditation and exploring the spiritual subconscious through automatic painting, the art of uncontrolled creation. Focusing on the action of creation and getting lost in the process, capturing the emotion and spirit of the moment in which the piece is created. When the art of creation is not consciously controlled it allows the barrier between our mind and soul to become obsolete, therefore allowing the colours and forms of our emotions and our inner most thought out of the darkness to play. What does your past look like on a page? What colour and shape is love? How do these interact together to make up our identity and what form do they take on when they are given the space... Painting as a spiritual practice allows exploration into the subconscious, conscious and collective consciousness.

Clara has a Bachelors degree in International Relations, a Journalism diploma, a Montessori theory certificate, an Art Therapy Foundation and a Visual Art diploma.

Clara's art focuses on the healing power of creation which she employs in her charity projects, bringing art to people in need of trauma healing and expression through her Art of Peace initiative, most recently with refugees in Greece. Clara has lived, worked and held creative space all over the world.




"Reply All" End of Year Show at Metafóra Art school, Barcelona (June 2016)

"Nothingness" at Untitled Gallery BCN (April 2016), Barcelona, Spain

"We will die" at Untitled Gallery BCN (October 2015), Barcelona, Spain.