Clara Fantoni is a British Italian abstract artist whose artwork is an exploration into spiritual abstract and mindful mark making, using colour, gesture and scale to create a visual manifestation of emotion.

Clara is interested in spontaneous and intuitive ways of painting as a means of expression, meditation and exploring the spiritual subconscious through automatic painting. The works are inspired by the impulsive and uncontrived use of physical gesture, scale and colour to capture the emotion and spirit of the moment in which the piece is created. 

Clara has studied International Relations, Journalism and Montessori teaching and has a keen interest in using the arts as a means of healing, communication and integration. Clara has worked on her own art projects and collaborative charity initiatives throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.



"Reply All" End of Year Show at Metafóra Art school, Barcelona (June 2016)

"Nothingness" at Untitled Gallery BCN (April 2016), Barcelona, Spain

"We will die" at Untitled Gallery BCN (October 2015), Barcelona, Spain.